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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Financial and General Awareness Questions - Bank Exams 2010

1. The expansion for the BIS, in the context of the banking industry is:
Bank for International Settlements  Bank for Industrial Settlements  Bank for Industrial Sectors  Bank for International Services  None

2. The expansion for BIFR, in the context of the Indian Industry is:
Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction  Bureau for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction  Board for Investment and Financial Reconstruction  Bureau for Investment and Financial Reconstruction  None

3. Cash Reserve Ratio ( CRR) and Stautory Liquidity Ratio (SLR ) are terms most closely related to which of the following industries/markets:
Stock Exchange  Banking  Mutual Fund  Income Tax  None

4. Which of the following programs aims at the promotion of savings among rural women?
Rashtriya Mahila Kosh  Mahila Samriddhi Yojna  Indira Mahila Yojna  Javahar Rozgar Yojna  None

5. Which of the following programs meets the credit needs of poor women?
Mahila Samriddhi Yojna  Rashtriya Mahila Kosh  Indira Mahila Yojna  Mahila Samakhya Programme  None

6. Which of the following deals with economic offences?

7. Chelliah Committee of 1992 deals with the overhauling of our
public sector undertakings  financial system  tax system  patents and copyrights  None

8. The terms TRIPS and TRIMS are related to

9. Which of the following taxes is a progressive tax?
Income tax  Custom tax  Sales tax  Excise duty  None

10. When did Regional Rural Banks start functioning in India?
1975  1947  1956  1960  1980

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11. Who was the Chairman of the Sixth Central Pay Commission?
Justice B. N. Srikrishna  Prof. Ravindra Dholakia  J. S. Mathur  Sushma Nath  None

12. The 11th Five Year Plan is termed as plan for
India’s Health  Eradication of poverty from India  India’s Education  Development of Rural India  None

13. Which of the following correctly describes what sub-prime lending is?
(1) Lending to the people with less than ideal credit status.
(2) Lending to the people who are high value customers of the banks.
(3) Lending to those who are not a regular customer.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All  None

14. The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector this type of phenomenon is known as:
Probability risk  Market risk  Inflation risk  Credit risk  None

15. Which of the following is the limitation of the ATMs owing to which people are required to visit branches of the bank?
(1) It does not accept deposits.
(2) It has a limited cash disbursement capacity.
(3) Lack of human interface.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All  None

16. The World Development Report 2009 is released by which of the following Organisations?
UNESCO  ADB  IMF  World Bank  None

17. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE about the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. which was in news sometimes back?
(1) The US government provided a US$ 7000 million bailout package to the company.
(2) The company filed for bankruptcy in a court in New York.
(3) The company is now out of financial crisis and is busy in its restructuring so that it can start afresh.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All  None

18. The Reserve Bank of India has recently issued guidelines to banks on Pillar 2 of Basel II framework. Pillar 2 deals with which of the following?
(1) Better human resource management
(2) Adequate capital to support risks
(3) Better profitability with minimum number of employees
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All  None

19. The World Investment Report 2008 was released in September 20. This report is published every year by:
Government of India  World Trade Organisation (WTO)  Asian Development Bank (ADB)  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  None

20. As we all know some new initiatives were introduced in the area of Fiscal Management by the government of India. Which of the following acts was passed a few years back to keep a check on the fiscal indiscipline on macroeconomic parameters?
FERA  FRBMA  FEMA  Public Debt Act  None

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21. Chit Fund is best described by which of the following terms?
A non-banking financial intermediary  A unorganized money lender  A banking financial intermediary  A non-banking unorganized company  None

22. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) does not have which of the following functions ?
Equipment leasing  Housing finance and investments in financial securities  Hiring & Purchasing Assets  Demand Deposits   None

23. WDM in relation to Bombay Stock Exchange stands for?
Wholesale Debt Market  Wholesale Debt Multiplexer  Wholesale Direct Market  Wholesale Dial Marketing  None

24. Full form of NASDAQ is?
National Authority of Security Dealers Automated Queries  National Association of Security Dealers Automated Queries  National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations  National Association of Secure Dealers Automated Queries  None

25. Marathe Committee which was headed by S. S. Marathe of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Board and submitted its recommendations in May 1992 for __________?
Urban Cooperative Banks  Rural Cooperative Banks  Insurance Reforms  Financial Reforms   None


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