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Monday, April 19, 2010

SBI Descriptive paper - SBI Bank PO and PO Rural Recruitment 2010

Here is a listing of SBI Bank PO and SBI Bank PO Rural Recruitment 2010Descriptive paper. The questions are written from memory. So, it’s likely that some are altered slightly in text. But meaning is retained to give an idea to Bank PO aspirants.

There were 5 questions and total marks of 50 to answer in 1 hour.
Write the essays or letters in 150 words.
1. Write a letter to your manager asking for leave to attend a function at your native.
Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper / magazine commenting on his recent report on environment.
Write about a day when everything went wrong.

2. "Banks are money manufacturers". Justify it.
(Forgot the two alternatives)

3. Trading in share market is risky. Write your views in 150 words.
(Forgot the two alternatives)

4. There was a paragraph. Question was to rewrite briefly in own words.

5. There was a paragraph. There were 5 questions asked based on the paragraph. Each question was of 2 marks.

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