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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 2008 - General Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness - Part 2

11. Currency Swap is an instrument to manage-
Currency risk  interest rate risk  currency and interest rate risk  cash flows in different currencies  All of the above

12. ‘Sub-prime’ refers to-
lending done by banks at rates below PLR  funds raised by the banks at sub-Libor rates  Group of banks which are not rated as prime banks as per Banker’s Almanac  lending done by financing institutions including banks to customers not meeting with normally  All of the above

13. Euro Bond is an instrument-
issued in the European market  issued in Euro Currency  issued in a country other than the country of the currency of the Bond  All of the above  None of these

14. Money Laundering normally involves-
placement of funds  layering of funds  integration of funds  All of (A), (B) and (C)  None of (A), (B) and (C)

15. The IMF and the World Bank were conceived as institutions to-
strengthen international economic co-operation and to help create a more stable and prosperous  IMF promotes international monetary cooperation  The World Bank promotes long term economic development and poverty reduction  All of (A), (B) and (C)  None of (A), (B) and (C)

16. Capital Market Regulator is-

17. In the term BRIC, R stands for-
Romania  Rajithan  Russia  Regulation  None of these

18. FDI refers to-
Fixed Deposit Interest  Fixed Deposit Investment  Foreign Direct Investment  Future Derivative Investment  None of these

19. What is Call Money ?
Money borrowed or lent for a day or over night  Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 3 days  Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 7 days  Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 14 days  None of these

20. Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ ?
Reliance  TCS  HCL  Infosys  None of these

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Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 2008 - General Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness - Part 1

1. RBI’s open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate-
Liquidity in the economy  Prices of essential commodities  Inflation  Borrowing power of the banks  All the above

2. When more than one banks are allowing credit facilities to one party in coordination with each other
under a formal arrangement, the arrangement is generally known as-

Participation  Consortium  Syndication  Multiple banking  None of these

3. Open market operations, one of the measures taken by RBI in order to control credit expansion in the
economy means -
Sale or purchase of Govt. securities  Issuance of different types of bonds  Auction of gold  To make available direct finance to borrowers  None of these

4. The bank rate means-

Rate of interest charged by commercial banks from borrowers  Rate of interest at which commercial banks discounted bills of their borrowers  Rate of interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits  Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills of exchange of commercial banks  None of these

5. What is an Indian Depository Receipt ?

A deposit account with a Public Sector Bank  A depository account with any of Depositories in India  An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying  An instrument in the form of deposit receipt issued by Indian depositories  None of these

6. An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying (currency, gold, stocks etc.) is known as-
Derivative  Securitisation Receipts  Hedge Fund  Factoring  Venture Capital Funding

7. Fiscal deficit is-
total income less Govt. borrowing  total payments less total receipts  total payments less capital receipts  total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing  None of these

8. In the Capital Market, the term arbitrage is used with reference to-
purchase of securities to cover the sale  sale of securities to reduce the loss on purchase  simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to make profits from price  variation in different markets  Any of the above

9. Reverse repo means-
Injecting liquidity by the Central Bank of a country through purchase of Govt. securities  Absorption of liquidity from the market by sale of Govt. securities  Balancing liquidity with a view to enhancing economic growth rate  Improving the position of availability of the securities in the market  Any of the above

10. The stance of RBI monetary policy is-
inflation control with adequate liquidity for growth  improving credit quality of the Banks  strengthening credit delivery mechanism  supporting investment demand in the economy  Any of the above

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Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 2008 - General Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness - Part 3

21. Which of the following is the Regulator of the credit rating agencies in India ?
RBI  SBI  SIDBI  SEBI  None of these

22. Who is Brand Endorsing Personality of Bank of Baroda ?
Juhi Chawla  Kiran Bedi  Amitabh Bachchan  Kapil Dev  None of these

23. The branding line of Bank of Baroda is-
International Bank of India  India’s International Bank  India’s Multinational Bank  World’s local Bank  None of these

24. The logo of Bank of Baroda is known as-
Sun of Bank of Baroda  Baroda Sun  Bank of Baroda’s Rays  Sunlight of Bank of Baroda  None of these

25. Which of the following statements(s) is/are True about the exports of China which is a close
competitor of India ?
(i) China’s economic success is basically on the fact that it exports cheaper goods to rich nations like
the USA, etc.
(ii) In the year 2007 China’s exports became almost 40% of its GDP.
(iii) When compared to India China’s share in the World Exports is more than 30% whereas India’s
share is mere 6% of the global exports
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Both (i) and (ii)  All (i), (ii) and (iii)  None of these

26. One of the major challenges banking industry is facing these days is money laundering. Which of
the following acts/norms are launched by the banks to prevent money laundering in general ?
Know Your Customer Norms  Banking Regulation Act  Negotiable Instrument Act  Narcotics and Psychotropic Substance Act  None of these

27. Lot of Banks in India these days are offering M-Banking Facility to their customers. What is the
full form of ‘M’ in ‘M-Banking’ ?
Money  Marginal  Message  Mutual Fund  Mobile Phone

28. Which of the following is/are true about the ‘Sub-Prime Crisis’ ? (The term was very much in news
(i) It is a mortgage crisis referring to credit default by the borrowers.
(ii) Sub-Prime borrowers were those borrowers who were rated low and were high risk borrowers.
(iii) This crisis originated because of negligence in credit rating of the borrowers.
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Only (iii)  All (i), (ii) and (iii)  None of these

29. Which of the following is not the part of the structure of the Financial System in India?
Industrial Finance  Agricultural Finance  Government Finance  Development Finance  Personal Finance

30. Which of the following is not the part of the scheduled banking structure in India ?
Money Lenders  Public Sector Banks  Private Sector Banks  Regional Rural Banks  State Co-operative Banks

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Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 2008 - General Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness - Part 4

31. As we all know Govt. of India collects tax revenue on various activities in the country. Which of the
following is a part of the tax revenue of the Govt. ?
(i) Tax on Income
(ii) Tax on Expenditure
(iii) Tax on Property or Capital Asset
(iv) Tax on Goods and Services
Both (i) and (iii) only  Both (ii) and (iv) only  All (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)  Only (ii), (iii) and (iv)  None of these

32. We very frequently read about Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in newspapers. These SEZs were
established with which of the following objectives ?
(i) To attract foreign investment directly.
(ii) To protect domestic market from direct competition from multinationals.
(iii) To provide more capital to agricultural and allied activities.
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Only (iii)  All (i), (ii) and (iii)  None of these

33. Which of the following groups of countries has almost 50% share in global emission of carbon
every year ?
US, China, India, South Africa  India, China, Russia, Britain  South Africa, Nepal, Myanmar  US, Russia, China & India  None of these

34. Which of the following correctly describes the concept of ‘Nuclear Bank’ floated by International
Atomic Energy Agency ?
(i) It is a nuclear fuel bank to be shared by all the nations jointly.
(ii) It is a facility to help nations in enrichment of uranium.
(iii) It is an agency which will keep a close vigil on the nuclear programme of all the nations.
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Both (i) and (iii) only  Only (iii)  Both (i) and (ii) only

35. Many times we read about Future Trading in newspapers. What is ‘Future Trading’ ?
(i) It is nothing but a trade between any two stock exchanges wherein it is decided to purchase the
stocks of each other on a fixed price throughout the year.
(ii) It is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an underlying asset in the future at a
predetermined price.
(iii) It is an agreement between stock exchanges that they will not trade the stocks of each other under
any circumstances in future or for a given period of time.
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Only (iii)  All (i), (ii) and (iii)  None of these

36. Inflation in India is measured on which of the following indexes/indicators ?
Cost of Living Index (COLI)  Consumer Price Index (CPI)  Gross Domestic Product  Wholesale Price Index (WPI)  None of these

37. As per the reports published in the newspapers a section of society staged a demonstration at the
venue of the G-8 Summit recently. What was/were the issues towards which these demonstrators were
trying to draw the attention of G-8 leaders ?
(i) Food shortage which has taken 50 million people in its grip.
(ii) Inflation which has gone up substantially across the Globe.
(iii) USA’s consistent presence in Iraq.
Only (i)  Only (ii)  Only (iii)  Both (i) and (ii) only  None of these

38. Hillary Clinton formally suspended her campaign to ensure election of who amongst the following
for the next President of USA ?
George Bush  Barack Obama  John McCain  Bill Clinton  None of these

39. Hugo Chavez whose name was recently in news is the-
President of Congo  Prime Minister of Uganda  President of Venezuela  Prime Minister of Brazil  None of these

40. The Govt. of India has raised the amount of the Loan Waiver to the farmers by 20%. Now the
amount is nearly-
Rs. 60,000 crore  Rs. 65,000 crore  Rs. 72,000 crore  Rs. 76,000 crore  Rs. 80,000 crore

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Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 2008 - General Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness - Part 5

41. Delimitation Commission has made a recommendation that next Census should be Panchayat-wise.
When is the next Census due ?
2010  2011  2012  2013  2015

42. The World Health Organisation has urged that advertisements of which of the following should be
banned to protect youth from bad effects of the same ?
Tobacco  Alcoholic drinks  Junk Food  Soft drinks with chemical preservatives  None of these

43. Which of the following countries has allocated a huge amount of US $ 10 billion to provide relief to
its earthquake victims ?
Japan  South Korea  China  South Africa  None of these

44. India and Nepal have many agreements on sharing of the water of various rivers. Which of the
following rivers is not covered under these agreements ?
Kosi  Gandak  Ganga  Mahakali  All these rivers are covered

45. Which of the following names is not closely associated with space programme of India or any other
country ?

46. Vijay Hazare Trophy is associated with the game of-
Hockey  Cricket  Badminton  Football  Golf

47. Which of the following was the theme of the Olympic Torch ?
Journey of Harmony  Green World Clean World  Journey of Peace  Journey for Hunger-free World  None of these

48. Which of the following schemes is not a social development Scheme ?
Indira Awas Yojana  Mid Day Meal  Bharat Nirman Yojana  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  All are social schemes

49. Which of the following is not a member of the ASEAN ?
Malaysia  Indonesia  Vietnam  Britain  Singapore

50. Which of the following Awards are given for excellence in the field of Sports ?
Kalinga Prize  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award  Arjun Award  Pulitzer Prize  None of these

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Union Bank of India English Language Paper - Part 1

Directions-(Q. 1-15) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Certain words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Over the past few decades, many Asian nations transformed from poverty into global competitors. From 2003 to 2007, Asian economies expanded at an average annual rate of 8•1%, triple that of advanced economies. Over the same period, inflation in Asia averaged only about 3•5%. But Asia could be facing turbulent economic times. In May, the average inflation rate throughout the region reached nearly 7%, led by spikes in oil and food prices. In India, inflation jumped to an 11•6% annual rate in June, according to the latest government figures, the highest in 13 years. Policymakers and central bankers are forced to raise interest rates and limit credit to get inflation under control. But these same measures suppress the investment and consumption that generates growth. The

combination of slowing growth and soaring inflation makes economic policy-making tricky. Inflation stirs up the middle classes because it can quickly erase years of hardwon personal gains. Inflation is cruel to the poor, because families have to spend a larger share of their meagre incomes on necessities. In the Philippines, farmers, unable to afford fuel for tractors, use water buffaloes to plough their fields. But to avoid unrest, leaders cannot blindly adopt rigid anti-inflation measures. Voters won’t hesitate to remove from office any politician who doesn’t deliver the goods. So they cannot overreact to the inflation threat and scale down economic growth in the process. Developing nations need to grow

quickly to create jobs and increase incomes for their large populations. With prices soaring, doing nothing is not an option. Most central banks in Asia have started raising interest rates. The Reserve Bank of India increased its benchmark rate twice last month to a six year high of 8•5%. The challenge is especially difficult because currently, inflation is not of domestic origin. Prices are being driven higher by a global surge in oil and food prices, which individual governments can do little to control. Of course, inflation is not just a problem in Asia. World Bank President Robert Zoellick called rising food and oil prices a man-made ‘catastrophe’ that could quickly reverse the gains made in overcoming poverty over the past seven years. For now, though, there is more talk than action on the

international front, so Asian governments are on their own. Even though inflation throughout the region is likely to continue to rise in coming months, no one is expecting an economic calamity. According to the Asian Development Bank Asian countries have large hard currency reserves and relatively healthy banks, and so are far better prepared to absorb external shocks than they were during the region’s last recession ten years ago. Asian policymakers have learned their lessons and are more alert.

1. Which of the following can be said about Asian economies during the period from 2003- 2007 ?
1. Though inflation was rising at the time politicians did not pay much attention.
2. Many of the poor countries were able to compete internationally.
3. The growth rate of Asian countries was facilitated by growth in advanced countries.
All 1, 2, and 3  Only 1  Only 2  Both 1 and 2  None of these

2. Which of the following is not an anti-inflation measure being used by Asian countries ?
1. Increase in benchmark interest rate by a central bank.
2. Checks on lending.
3. Subsidising fuel for farmers
Only 3  Both 1 and 2  Both 2 and 3  Only 2  None of these

3. What makes it difficult for Asian countries to control inflation ?
(A) Restrictions by organizations like the Asian Development Bank  (B) Governments are indecisive and adopt counterproductive measures  (C) The problem is global in nature, not restricted to their individual countries  (D) Countries have never faced a financial crisis  (E) Economic growth rate cannot occur in the absence of inflation

4. Why are experts not very concerned about the impact of inflation on Asian economies ?
1.Asian countries have not maintained substantial hard currency reserves
2.The condition of Asian banks is currently both stable and strong.
3.The Asian Development Bank will bail them out of any trouble.
Only 1  Both 1 and 3  Both 1 and 2  Only 2  None of these

5. What is the author’s advice to politicians regarding the handling of inflation ?
They should focus on preventing agitations among their citizens not implementing antiinflation measures  They ought to implement anti-inflation measures even at the cost of losing office  They must focus on maintaining high economic growth rate as inflation will taper off on its own  Countries should handle the problem independently and not collectively  None of these

6. What could the impact of stringent inflation measures be ?
Increased consumption as families spend a larger part of their income on essential goods  Politicians may be voted out of power  Economic growth rate remains constant  Oil prices within the country remain stable despite high global prices  None of these

7. Why is high economic growth necessary for developing countries ?
To catch up with the growth rate of the advanced countries  To sustain their economies despite the ill effects of inflation  To provide better educational opportunities to their citizens  To create employment opportunities for citizens  None of these

8. Why has inflation been referred to as a ‘catastrophe’ ?
Prices of essential commodities are unaffordable for all  Our past efforts to reduce poverty will be nullified  Governments are unstable and do not take stringent decisions  It has divided countries rather than ensuring co-operation among them  None of these

9. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage ?
1. Growth rate in advanced countries was low so the effects of inflation were not felt.
2. Closing the economy to global markets will reduce inflation.
3. India has been the most severely affected by inflation.
None  Only 1  Only 2  Both 2 and 3  All 1, 2 and 3

10. Which of the following factors was responsible for inflation in India ?
Reserve Bank India raising the interest rates very frequently  High population growth  Sudden rise in prices of oil worldwide  Reckless competition with China  None of these

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Union Bank of India English Language Paper - Part 2

Directions—(Q. 11–13) Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

11. stirs
trembles  moves  mixes  inspires  agitates

12. scale
descent  climb  hindrance  cut  measure

13. origin
ancestry  source  inauguration  down  heritage

Directions—(Q. 14–15) Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

14. turbulent
quiet  rest  soothes  stormy  lawful

15. gains
decreases  fails  deprives  frauds  losses

Directions—(Q. 16–20) Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentences to make the sentence grammatically meaningful andcorrect. If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (E) as the answer.

16. The main objective of the workshop has made children aware of Western classical music.
will make children aware  is to make children aware  awareness of children  is making aware children  No correction required

17. Afraid of missing her train and was late for the meeting, Sunita arrived an hour early at the station.
but later for  and been late to  after being late  and being late for  No correction required

18. As a famous historian he has travelled around the world giving lectures on rare subjects.
rarely to subjects  of rare subject  with rarest of subject  in subjects rarely  No correction required

19. The stadium wherever the opening ceremony will be held next month, is equipped with the latest facilities.
in the opening ceremony  which the ceremony will open  where the opening ceremony  that the opening ceremony  No correction required

20. There will be a trend of unseasonal rainfall in April, in recent years.
There has been  It has been  There is being  It may have been  No correction required

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Union Bank of India English Language Paper - Part 3

Directions—(Q. 21–25) In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each five pairs of words have been denoted by letters (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

21. A committee has been……………………..the transformation of the city into an international finance centre.
constituted, convert  appointed, oversee  converged, evaluate  inducted, change  inaugurated, determine

22. Keeping in mind the………… develop the sector the government has………….. solicited foreign investment.
importance, never  proposal, forcibly  objective, wanted  view, discretely  need, actively

23. In his speech he vowed to…………..the four billion unbanked individuals across the world into the…………..of financial inclusion.
represent, sphere  target, area  bring, realm  engage, achievement  convince, era

24. Although he puts in…………..of overtime and takes few holidays, he…………..cannot support his family.
sufficient, however  lot, besides  much, thus  plenty, still  frequency, yet

25. They have been…………..on incentives to…………..these practices are implemented at grass root level.
relying, ensure  improving, secure  advocating, confirm  debating, necessitate  focusing, display

Directions—(Q. 26–30) Rearrange the following six sentences (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them—

1. It was a cycling race launched in 1903, by Henri Desgrange, a magazine editor in Paris.
2. The Tour de France is a test of human endurance.
3. His idea worked and the magazine boomed.
4. His aim was to boost the circulation of his magazine.
5. He wanted to achieve this by covering every stage of the three week long, 3,500 kilometre long cycling race.
6. Till today the race remains more popular than he could ever have dreamed.

26. Which of the following should be the first sentence after rearrangement ?

27. Which of the following should be the second sentence after rearrangement ?

28. Which of the following should be the third sentence after rearrangement ?

29. Which of the following should be the fifth sentence after rearrangement ?

30. Which of the following should be the sixth (Last) sentence after rearrangement ?

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Union Bank of India English Language Paper - Part 4

Directions-(Q. 31-40) Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letters of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

31. On account of the week (A) / long strike the factory (B) / was forced to close and (C) / next month’s shipment will delay. (D) No error. (E)
On account of the week  long strike the factory  was forced to close and  next month’s shipment will delay  No error

32. Since the US economy experiences (A) / a recession many Asian countries (B) / are likely to have (C) / reduced growth rates this year. (D) No error. (E)
Since the US economy experiences  a recession many Asian countries  are likely to have  reduced growth rates this year  No error

33. Oil is now so expensive that (A) / India will have to cut subsidies (B) / instead face running out (C) / of funds to import oil. (D) No error. (E)
Oil is now so expensive that  India will have to cut subsidies  instead face running out  of funds to import oil  No error

34. It is unlikely that you will (A) / find a more qualified and experience (B) / candidate than Mr. Prasad (C) / for the post of President. (D) No error. (E)
It is unlikely that you will  find a more qualified and experience  candidate than Mr. Prasad  for the post of President  No error

35. On account of the rising (A) / costs many people are (B) / finding it difficult (C) / to feed their families. (D) No error. (E)
On account of the rising  costs many people are  finding it difficult  to feed their families  No error

36. By marketing agriculture (A) / products well, we (B) / can ensure that (C) / farmers make a good profit. (D) No error. (E)
By marketing agriculture  products well, we  can ensure that  farmers make a good profit  No error

37. The promotion means (A) /that you may be (B) / post in Chennai (C) / from next month. (D) No error. (E)
The promotion means  that you may be  post in Chennai  from next month  No error

38. This project is (A) / too big to (B) / undertake successfully at (C) / such short of notice. (D) No error. (E)
This project is  too big to  undertake successfully at  such short of notice  No error

39. When our company was (A) / faced financial difficulties (B) / the training budget was (C) / the first to be cut. (D) No error. (E)
When our company was  faced financial difficulties  the training budget was  the first to be cut  No error

40. Conservationists believe that (A)/better management of national parks (B)/is the only way to save (C)/India’s tiger population from extinction. (D) No error. (E)
Conservationists believe that  better management of national parks  is the only way to save  India’s tiger population from extinction  No error

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Union Bank of India English Language Paper - Part 5

Directions-(Q. 41-50) In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. In July 2008, one of the most inspiring leaders of our times, will …(41)… his ninetieth birthday. Nelson Mandela retired from politics in 1999, but he has remained …(42)…, continuing his work through the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The foundation has launched an Aids awareness campaign, 46664, named …(43)… Mandela’s prison number. He has also set up a scholarship programme whose …(44)… was to promote leadership among young Africans. During the 1990s, …(45)… I worked with Mr. Mandela on his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom”, I …(46)… his leadership first hand. During his election campaign we were on board a plane discussing his book. Twenty minutes …(47)… to landing the engine failed. Many began to panic. The only thing that …(48)… them was looking at Mandela, who was reading his paper as if he was a passenger on a morning train to work. The plane landed safely and when we got into the car taking us to the hotel he …(49)… to me, “I was terrified on the plane !” As a leader he realized he was a model for others and this gave him the strength to …(50)… over his own fear.

41. Fill in the blank.
tribute  remember  honour  celebrate  rejoice

42. Fill in the blank.
resigned  active  influenced  participant  reserved

43. Fill in the blank.
by  with  after  as  thereafter

44. Fill in the blank.
wish  pursuit  result  plot  aim

45. Fill in the blank.
when  that  period  later  alongside

46. Fill in the blank.
felt  acquainted  experienced  underwent  learned

47. Fill in the blank.
before  sooner  close  prior  advance

48. Fill in the blank.
calmed  soothing  composed  restraint  discipline

49. Fill in the blank.
speaks  confided  confidentially  entrusted  assured

50. Fill in the blank.
success  overcame  dominate  victory  triumph

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