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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Grade B Officers Recruitment Exam: July 2004 Question Paper - Part 3

Directions (Qs. 26 to 35) : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately.
Find out the appropriate word in each case:

Whatever prosperity India enjoyed in the seventeenth century disappeared when the Mughal Empire ---- (26) apart. The most immediate cause of this breakdown was the religious intolerance, which led to the open rebellion. It was to ---- (27) these revolts that the bigot ruler spent ---- (28) years in the field, with immense armies consuming the revenues of the country. There were, however, more deep-seated ---- (29). The corruption of officials and the oppression of the masses steadily ---- (30) away the empire’s life blood. For sometime, there had been a noticeable deterioration in the character of the ruling class. Wars of succession ---- (31) wiped out the leading families, and new blood from central Asia was no ---- (32) recruited for the higher governmental posts. Finally, the Mughal Empire was an alien regime. It continues to be so ---- (33) Akbar’s
policy of conciliation was abandoned, and it wore itself out trying to maintain its power ---- (34) the ceaseless opposition, only now and then overt but always present, of the ---- (35) citizens.

26. Fill the blank with correct word.
Joined  Broke  Dashed  Banged  Became

27. Fill the blank with correct word.
Run out  Crash  Crush  Cajole  Motivate

28. Fill the blank with correct word.
No  Hardly  Many  Inexpensive  Most

29. Fill the blank with correct word.
Variables  Attributes  Characteristics  Causes  Affect

30. Fill the blank with correct word.
Drained  Gone  Sucked  Released  Went

31. Fill the blank with correct word.
Has  Have  Was  Did  Had

32. Fill the blank with correct word.
Longer  Pumped  Far  Candidate  Shorter

33. Fill the blank with correct word.
At  Into  Over  After  Before

34. Fill the blank with correct word.
Far  At  Against  Favouring  For

35. Fill the blank with correct word.
Discontented  Weeping  Ruling  Calm  Contented

Directions (Qs. 36 to 40): Pick out the most effective word/phrase from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentences meaningfully complete.

36. Tiwari’s weill-wishers went to the extreme to _____ his business reputation.
Speak  Enhance  Cajole  Provoke  Advocate

37. A group of junior college boys _____ the highest peak of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas.
Scaled  Walked  Climb up  Avoided  Won

38. A special programme to raise the standard of living of the village folks has been _____ by the Government.
Affixed  Stalled  Glued  Launched  Propose

39. A herd of elephants _____ ready to attack the lion.
were  is  was  are  has been

40. It is not possible this year to run this company with so many employees, without increasing the _____ of deficit.
Loss  Altitude  Gain  Magnitude  Extend

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RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Grade B Officers Recruitment Exam: July 2004 Question Paper - Part 2

Directions (Qs. 11 to 25): Read the following passage to answer these questions given below it. Certain words /phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them
while answering some of the questions.

The suicide attacks by militant Palestinian groups killing large numbers of Israeli civilians and the harsh Israeli response, have raised the renewed hopes of peace in the region. It is Arafat's leadership and authority that are being severely tested in the latest phase of the west Asian crisis.
By accusing the Palestinian Authority (PA) of supporting terrorism by groups, Israel hopes to put pressure on Arafat to act. Arafat, on the other hand, has never looked a less powerful force than he does today. If he acts against the militants and elements in his own Fatah movement sympathetic to them, he risks a Palestinian civil conflict. But if he chooses to do nothing, he faces erosion of his authority and all claim to a central role in the peace process. Whatever he does, sections of the Palestinians will hold that he has gone too far and Israel that he has not gone for enough. This is, of course, why Arafat has invariably shrunk from hard decision. He has refrained from curbing the militant groups, explaining his inaction as necessary to maintain Palestinian unity.
The Palestinian leadership's inability to improve economic conditions for its people has been a decisive factor in the erosion of its ability to act. Palestinians in Gaza have targeted the PA as being responsible for their condition. The Militant organizations have capitalized on the PA's failure to establish a functioning administrative infrastructure by setting up a parallel welfare system with the help of the millions of dollars. Though the Palestinian security forces claim to have arrested more than 100 militants after the suicide bomb attacks in Israel, the
other similar militant groups remain defiant, confident of their popular support and of the certainty that in the ultimate analysis the PA leadership will stop short of
decisive action against them.
That the militant groups enjoy popular support in Gaza is hardly surprising. The Gaza Strip today resembles a vast prison camp in which some 1.2 million Palestinians are crammed. Despite the Oslo Accord, 7000 Israeli settlers still remain in 20 percent of the Gaza's area and are protected by heavily armed Israeli forces. With its recent blockade of and extensive incursion into PA controlled territories, the Israeli government has placed the whole civil society in Palestine under siege. Over 450 NGOs, eight universities and numerous other educational, civic, social, developmental and health institutions have had their work impeded and their vital services to the population blocked. An international conference on Israel's treatment of human rights in West Bank and Gaza, attended by signatories to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, that has opened in Switzerland overriding Israeli and American protests, is expected to censor Israel for its treatment of civilians in the Palestinian territories.
Arafat's standing among Palestinians rests on the authority conferred on the PA by the international community to represent and speak for the Palestinians. Even the major militant group has so far never openly challenged Arafat's leadership. Israel's latest vicious attacks directed against the PA and Arafat present the international community with the danger that this precarious balance of power in the Palestinian community may be destroyed. Continuance of the Israeli attacks can only further radicalize and harden the attitudes of ordinary Palestinians. On the other hand, Israeli moves to freeze further expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza and, as soon as security conditions permit it, ease the economic blockade of Palestinian towns?however remote such measures appear just now?alone can restore the authority of the PA and give it a chance to get a grip on Palestinian

11. Which of the following factors have raised the hope for
peace in West Asia?
A. Killings of Israeli civilians
B. Harsh response of Israelites
C. Revocation of Oslo Accord
Only A and C  Only B and C  Both A and B  Either A or B  None of these

12. Which of the following explains the lack of action on the part of Palestinian leader?
He fears the army action against him  This according to him will fasten peace process  He feels that this step will keep Palestinians united  He is seriously worried about the degeneration of his  None of these

13. What is ultimate analysis of other similar militant groups?
The PA leadership will only act if a definite forceful  The suicidal attacks will only aggravate the situation  The PA leadership should be changed  The action on the Palestinians was justified  None of these

14. Which of the following words is just opposite in meaning to the word impeded as used in the passage?
Hindered  Facilitated  Felicitated  Stopped  Courage

15. What does the word overriding mean as used in the passage?
Notwithstanding  Concurring  Welcoming  Criticizing  None of these

16. Which of the following best describes the meaning of the word challenged as used in the passage?
Questioned  Accepted  Attacked  Scared  None of these

17. Which of the following is the most similar word as accusing as used in the passage?
Abusing  Blaming  Charging  Responding  Praising

18. Which of the following is the expected outcome of International Conference which is in progress in Switzerland?
To revoke 1949 Geneva Convention  Impose censorship on propaganda of PA  To build cordial relations between Conflicting parties  To put a curb on Israel's policies while treating  None of these

19. Which of the following best explains the word vicious as used in the passage?
Dangerous  Fatal  Reoccurring and cyclic  Cyclic but not reoccurring  None of these

20. Which of the following best explains the word remote as used in the passage?
Far away from reality  Distant  Most likely to happen  Control in someone else's hand  None of these

21. Who according to the passage conferred the authority to PA?
Arafat  Israel  Militant groups  International community  None of these

22. Which of the following can restore the degenerating authority of the PA?
A. Arresting the expansion of Jewish settlements
B. Easening the economic blockade of Palestinian towns
Only A  Only B  Either A or B  Both A and B together  Neither A or B

23. Which of the following is the most opposite in meaning as the word shrunk as used in the passage?
Coming forward  Abdicating  Control  Expand  None of these

24. What may be the affect of continuous Israeli attacks?
It may harness a negative attitude amongst the civil Palestinians  It may destroy militancy from its basic roots  It may revitalize the weakening leadership of the PA  It may enhance militant activities  None of these

25. What dangers are being perceived by the International Community?
Both the nations may get destroyed if war erupts  The PA and Israel will never strike a deal  The attacks against the PA may destroy the balance of power in Palestinians  The militancy may spread in other countries also  None of these

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Monday, January 24, 2011

SBI PO Exam Sample Paper 2010 - General Awarenesss - Part 1

1. Balmiki Prasad Singh has taken over as Governor of _____
Goa   Bihar  Meghalaya  Sikkim  None of these

2. The Paralympic Games in September 2008 were held at _____
Tokyo   New York  Madrid  Stckholm  Beijing

3. Which of the folowing is/are True about the National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) which was in news recently?
(1) The NRAA was set-up in 1955 at the initiative of the then Prime Minister J.L.Nehru
(2) NRAA was established to co-ordinate the work of five ministries associated with the development of rainfed areas
(3) NRAA is now converted into a Corporation of the same name
Only 1   Only 2   Only 3  All 1 , 2 & 3  None of these

4. Dalichi Sankyo has recently taken over which of the following Companies/Corporation of Indian base /
Jet Airways   Ranbaxy  Bhilai Steel Plant  National Textiles Corporation  None of these

5. The recent report on Global Development Finance released by the World Bank has projected India's GDP growth rate at which of the following levels?
5 %   6 %  7 %  8 %  9 %

6. which of the following cities is placed at the top of the list of cities found suitable for "Global Commerce" compiled by the master cards? (Result of the survey were published in various financial newspaper)
London   New York  Tokyo  Beijing   Mumbai

7. The New Capital Adequacy Framework prescribed for banks in commonly known as ___
Credit Policy   Monetary Policy  KYC Norms  Basel Accord   None of these

8. As we all know Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) in the percentage of the deposit banks keep in reserve with them . This ratio is also known as ___
Repo Rate   Reserve Repo Rate  SLR  Liquidity Ratio   None of these

9. The sudden turn of events in the economic environmental globally , in the last four to five month have resulted in slowing down of India's economic growth. Which of the following is/are the event(s) which has/have put their impact on Indian economy?
(1) Turmoil in US Credit market
(2) Large scale increase in the prices of crude oil and foodgrains
(3) Adoption of Basel II norms by the banks
Only 1   Only 2   Only 3  Both 1 & 2 only  All 1,2 & 3

10. Which of the following is India's Tax GDP ratio ?
5 %   15 %  25 %  30 %  None of these

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SBI PO Exam Sample Paper 2010 - Gen Awarenesss - Part 2

11. Which of the following is known as 'Himadri' ?
It is India's Space Craft launched to study the moon   It is India's first Research Station in Arctic Region   It is new battle tank produced by India  It is new warship inducted in the Indian Navy recently  None of these

12. The Govt. of India recently announced a subsidized pricing policy based on nutrients in it of which of the following to protect the interest of the farmers ?
Seeds   Pesticides  Fertilizers  Organic Manure  None of these

13. The next Non-Aligned Movement SAummit 2009 is scheduled to be held in ___
India   Egypt  Brazil  South Africa  None of these

14. Ghulam Nabi Azad was in the news recently as he has resigned from the post of the ___
Governor, Jammu & Kashmir   Chief Minister , Jammu & Kashmir  Governor , Jharkhand  Chief Minister, Jharkhand  Governor, Manipur

15. When the growth of GDP in a country slows down suddenly,people start losing their jobs and the situation continues for several weeks,what name is given to this state of economy (A big was in this state recently.) ?
Inflation   Recession   Deflation  Economic Boom  None of these

16. "Lisbon Treaty" is the treaty accepted/adopted by the members of which of the following organizations recently ?
NATO   SAARC  European Union  Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG)  None of these

17. When a corporate entity wishes to raise money from the market it can do that by issuing ___
Treasury Bill   Momerandom of Association  Kisan Vikas Patra  National Saving Certificate  Commercial Papers

18. Russia has recently made a ceasefire Agreement with which of the following nations ?
Ukraine   Kazakhastan  Croatia  Georgia  None of these

19. The Govt. of India has decided to build a Nuclear Power Plant in which of the following North Eastern States ?
Manipur   Assam  Meghalaya  Arunachal Pradesh  None of these

20. India won it's individual Gold Medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 in which of the following events ?
Hockey   Football  Lawn Tennis  Swimming  Rifle Shooting

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SBI Clerk Exam 2008 - General Awareness - Part 1

1. Oscar Awards are given for the excellence in the field of -
films  Literature  Sports  Politics  Status

2. Which of the following is not a food crop ?
Wheat  Barley  Maize  Gram  Cotton

3. Union Budget always presented first in -
The Loksabha  The Rajyasabha  Joint session of Parliament  Meeting of the Union cabinet  The State Assemblies

4. The Government of India has earmarked about Rs. 70,000 crore in Union Budget to help which of the following sections of the society ?
Children who are bonded labour  Persons working in hazardous industries  Farmers  People living below poverty line  None of these

5. Jose Louise has taken over as the prime minister of -
France  Argentina  Spain  New zealand  Italy

6. The conference of Economic/ Finance Ministers of ASEAN was held recently in
Jakarta  Bali  New Delhi  Tokyo  Islamabad

7. Which of the following International forums/ organizations has made a decision of not to go for reckless lending ?
G-7  G-8  SAARC  World Bank  IMF

8. Mahmood Ahmadinejad who was in India on an official visit recently is the -
Prime Minister of Iraq  President of Iran  Prime Minister of Iran  President of Iraq  None of these

9. India recently started "Maitree Express" to which of the following destinations ?
Islamabad  Karanchi  Dhaka  Kathmandu  None of these

10. The first ever General elction took place in which of the following countries in Indian sub-continent ?
Bhutan   China   Pakistan  Bangladesh   Sri Lanka

11. . As per the latest figures published in the newspapers the growth of economy in India for the fiscal year ended March 2008 has been at which of the following levels ? About -
6 %  6.5 %  7%  7.5 %  9 %

12. Name of B.S.Yeddyurappa was recently in news as he has taken over as the -
Governor of Karnataka  Chief Minister of Karnataka  Governor of Andhra Pradesh  Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh  None of these

13. The Govt. of India Planning to put up a bill in the parliament to ensure free and compulsory education for all those who are of the age of -
3 Years  5 Years  6-14 Years  12-20 Years  Upto 21 Years

14. "World No Tobacco Day" is observed on which of the following days ?
Ist May  10th May  21st May  31 st May  1st June

15. Late Vijay Tendulkar who died recently was a famous -
Social Work  Politician  Sportsman  Play Wright  None of these

Part I        Part II

SBI Clerk Exam 2008 - General Awareness - Part 2

16. Mnay times we erad in newspapers about the GM Crops.What is the full form of GM ?
Genetically Marketed  Genetically Modified  Green & Moisturious  Globally Marketed  None of these

17. Barack Obama whose name was in news recently is from which of the following countries ?
UK   USA   France  Italy   None of these

18. . Which of the following is an Oscar winning documentary on climate change in which former US Vice President Al Gore has featured as a narrator ?
An inconvenient truth  The Sea  Road to prediction  Remember My Name  None of these

19. . Defence minister from 27 nations recently gathered at which of the following places to discuss security amongst the countries of Asia Pacific Region ?
Beijing  New Delhi  Singapore  Kuala Lumpur  None of these

20. Who amongst the following is NOT a Lawn Tennis Player ?
Serena Williams  Katarina Srebotnik  Andy Murray  Nichlas Almagro  Ricky Ponting

21. The head office of the Stae Bank Of India is located in -
Kolkat  New Delhi  Pune  Ahmedabad  None of these

22. Which of the following is NOT the name of the sensitive index of any global stock exchange ?
Nasdaq  Nikkei  Kospi  Dow  Combix

23. Mnay times we read the term 'ECB'in financial newspapers.What is the full form of 'ECB'?
Essential Commercial Borrowing  Essential Credit & Borrowing  External Credit & Business  External Commercial Borrowing  None Of These

24. Who amongst the following is the new face in Union Cabinet after it was reshuffled recently ?
Mnai Shankar Aiyer  Rahul Gandhi  Priyanka  Jyotiraditya Scindia  None of these

25. Who amongst the following has taken over as the chief minister of Nagaland ?
Manik Sarkar  Dinesh Nandan Sahay  P.Longon  K.Shankaranarayanan  None of these

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Corporation Bank PO 2010 - General Awareness - Part 1

1. As a policy to boost the agricultural sector in the country, the Govt. of India has taken several special measures over the years. Which of the following cannot be considered a measure/ measures which will have a direct impact(s) on the agricultural sector?
1. Setting up of a National Food Processing Bank.
2. Opening irrigation, sanitation and water projects for development under public private participation.
3. Efforts to bring down fiscal deficit to 5.5 percent level of GDP
Only-1  Only 2  Only  Onlyl and 2  All 1,2 and 3

2. The Govt. of India is planning to bring a Second Green Revolution. This will be launched specifically for which of the following parts of the country?
North East and astern Regions  Central India  Jammu & Kashmir  Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh  None of these

3. As we all know, the limit of exemption on personal income tax has been raised by Rs. 10,000. Whenever a relief in direct taxes is given, the underlying motive is always to make money available for which of the following purposes?
1. Savings
2. Investment for High returns
3. Personal Consumption
Only 1  Only2  Only l and 3  Only 2 and 3  None of these

4. As we know, a special scheme 'One Village One Project' is in vogue in some parts of our country and has proved a good incentive to boost the rural economy and the agricultural sector. Now the Govt. has decided to develop 60,000 villages to produce which of the following single crops as a major crop?
Pulses or Oilseeds  Wheat or Bajra  Sugar or Jute  Sunflower or Rose flower  None of these

5. The Govt. of India has decided to bring down the fiscal deficit from 6.6 per cent to the level of 5.5 per cent of the GDP so that it can meet growth targets well in time. This target of 5.5 per cent is to be achieved by the end of?
January 2011  March 2011  December 2010  January 2012  None of these

6. Some economists and financial experts are of the opinion that the Finance Minister of India has done a good job by allocating a fairly good share of budget to ensure that the benefits of the growth also reach the poor and unorganized sectors of the society. What amount in terms of percentage has been allocated to various schemes of the social sector in the Union Budget 2010-11?
5%  7 %  10%  12.5%  None of these

7. Many people talk about the roll back of stimulus packages provided last year by the Govt. of India to help certain sectors. If these stimulus packages are rolled back, this would mean that-
1. those who have availed these benefits would be required to return them to the Govt. of India.
2. no such incentive would be available henceforth to these sectors.
3. all such benefits/incentives would be available to all the people across the country and will not be restricted to some selected few.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  Only 1 and 3  Only 2 and 3

8. In order to develop infrastructure in the country at a faster pace, the Govt. of India has fixed some targets. In order to achieve this target, at present, how many kilometers of highway is required to be constructed per day?
5km  10km  15km  20km  None of these

9. "South India will get K-G gas by 2012" was the news in a major financial newspaper. 'K-G' is the abbreviated name of which of the following?
Karnataka-Goa  Kaveri-Canga  Krishna-Godavari  Karnataka-Gulf  None of these

10. Many a times, we read in news papers that some big banks have revised their lending rates to make them dearer or cheaper. Though the decision to raise the lending rates is always in the hands of the banks normally they announce this decision of theirs?
1. immediately after the Union Budget is presented in the Lok Sabha every year.
2. when the RB makes changes in its policy rates.
3. when the Monetary and Credit Policy of the RB is reviewed periodically.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  Only 2 and 3  All1,2 and 3

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Corporation Bank PO 2010 - General Awareness - Part 2

11. How much amount in cash is the Govt. of India planning to infuse in public sector banks, to strengthen their capital base this year?
Rs 10,000 crore  R s. 12,500 crore  Rs. 14,000 crore  Rs. 16,500 crore  None of these

12. As we all know, the rate of MAT has been increased from the present 15% to 18% with effect from April 2010. What is the full form of MAT?
Maximum Alternate tax  Minimum Alternate Tax  Minimum Affordable Tax  Maximum Affordable Tax  None of these

13. One of the headlines In a major financial newspaper recently was "Is Spain the next Greece or Italy or Portugal ?" What is the actual meaning of this headline because of which the author has been comparing Spain with the other three countries?
All these three countries have abandoned the membership of the European Union. Spain is also planning to do so  All these three countries were the first to come out of recent global recession and that too within a short span of time. Spain is next in queue to declare itself free from the trouble  These three nations are badly trapped in a situation where their economy is proceed ing from bad to worse condition. Spain also appears to be in the same situation  Greece, Italy and Portugal have signed some special agreements with US and ale availing stimulus packages to promote their exports to US on some specific terms. Spain is also willing to do the same  None of these

14. Many times we read in news papers that several companies are adopting the FCCBs route to raise capital. What is the full form of FCCBs?
Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds  Foreign Convertible Credit Bonds  Financial Consortium and Credit Bureau  Future Credit and Currency Bureau  None of these

15. The Govt. of India has asked all big companies and corporates to create a separate fund for their 'Corporate Social Responsibility Activities'. What is tare the purpose(s) of this directive issued by the Govt.?
1. To ensure that companies spend some money on social activities.
2. To bring transparency in matters of financial trans actions and dealings by corporates.
3. To ensure that corporate entities do not get involved in non commercial activities in the name of social activities as they axe required to spend money only on the welfare of the employees and their families.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All1,2 and 3  None of these

16. Which of the following is an innovative mechanism adopted by banks to meet the targets fixed for lending to priority sector by the Banks
Buying & Selling of Priority Sector Lending Certification  Sale of Kisan Vikas Patra  Inter Bank Participation Certificates  Adoption of Core Banking Solution  None of these

17. The Reserve Bank of India (RB!) recently announced a hike in some policy rates and also indicated that there may be another change in near future. - Which of the following is/are considered a policy rate(s) in the hands of the EBI?
1. Repo Rate
2. SLR
3. Inflation
Only 1  Only2  Only 3  Only l and 2  All 1, 2 and 3

18.Zain, which was in news recently, is a company based in which of the following nations?
Kuwait  South Africa  UAE  China  None of these

19. Who amongst the following was awarded the prestigious 'Moortidevi Award' recently for his literary works ? (Awardee is a Minister in the Union Cabinet)
Veerappa Moily  Pranab Mukherjee  P. Chidambaram  Kapil Sibal  None of these

20. The Indian Ministry of Agriculture has decided that despite good stocks of wheat and rice, India will not export the excess stocks. Which of the following may be the reason(s) owing to which the Ministry has taken this decision?
1. Indian wheat and rice are not in much demand in foreign countries. Hence, very few are takers for the same.
2. The National Food Security Bill has a provision to provide 25 kg of wheat or rice to the families living below poverty line. A huge stock of grains will be needed for the same in near future.
3. Since most countries are still to recover from the global recession, a formula is being worked out where imports and exports will be compensated simply by exchange of commodities available with the countries. India is planning to use its food grain stocks for the same.
Only 1  Only 2  Only 3  All ,1, 2 and 3  None of these

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Corporation Bank PO 2010 - General Awareness - Part 3

21. As per the report in various newspapers, RBI has asked banks to make a plan to provide banking services to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issued by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories?
Plan for Financial Inclusion  Efforts to meet the targets of Priority Sector Lending  Extension of Relief Packages to the Farmers  Extensions of Internal and Branchless Banking  None of these

22. Which of the following is not a bank or finance company?
Barclays  BNP Paribas  Lufthansa  HSBC  All are banks/finance companies

23. The Indian Railways is in the process of purchasing Bullet Train Technology from which of the following nations?
France  China  Japan  Russia  Spain

24. Some State Govts. have started a project 'Save Snow Leopards'. Snow Leopards are found mainly in?
Jammu & Kashmir  Rajasthan  Kerala  Punjab  Tamil Nadu

25. India recently signed an agree ment for an 'Action Plan to Advance Security Cooperation' with which of the following nations?
China  Bangladesh  Pakistan  Nepal  Japan

26. Sanya Richards who was named as the IAAF World Athlete of 2009 represents which of the following countries?
Jamaica  Kenya  France  Britain  USA

27. Who amongst the following was adjudged the European FootbaIler of the year 2009?
Roberto Baggio  Edger Davids  Xavi Hamandez  Cristiano Ronaldo  Lionel Messi

28. The latest nuclear power reactor of India recently attained criticality at Rawatbhata. Rawatbhata is a place in-
Uttar Pradesh  Madhya Pradesh  Uttarakhand  Orissa  Rajasthan

29. Who amongst the following has recently received the Highest Civilian Honour of France?
Kareena Kappor  A R Rahman  Javed Akhtar  Lata Mangeshkar  None of these

30. Who amongst the following represented India at the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 held in Copenhagen?
Smt. Sonia Gandhi  Smt. Pratibha Patil  Dr. Manmohan Singh  Smt. Meira Kumar  None of these

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Corporation Bank PO 2010 - General Awareness - Part 4

31. Three Indian sportsmen, C. Raju Srither, I.R. Sanam and Ratan Singh recently went to Indonesia and won Gold Medals in one of the events. All three are associated with which of the following sports?
Weightlifting  Rifle Shooting  Swimming  Golf  Archery

32. A two-day meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was organized recently in?
Kathmandu  Islamabad  Thimpu  Dhaka  New Delhi

33. By nominating its Ambassador to which of the following countries after a gap of five years has the USA established its diplomatic relation with it?
Syria  Iraq  Iran  China  None of these

34. Which of the following organizations / agencies is providing a US $ 850 million loan to India for the development of its infra structure and Khadi industry?
World Bank  European Union Finance Corporation  Asian Development Bank  Govt. of South Africa  None of these

35. Goodluck Jonathan whose name was in news recently is from which of the following countries?
Kenya  Uganda  Nigeria  Sudan  None of these

36. The census in India is done after a gap of every?
5 years  10 years  12 years  15 years  None of these

37. Pankaj Advani won which of the following titles in the year 2009?
Asian Games Gold Medal  Asian Billiards Champion-  WSA Challenge Tour  World Professional Billiards Championship  None of these

38. Which of the following awards is given for Excellence in the field of sports ?
Kalinga Award  Golden Pen Award  Arjuna Award  Bharat Ratna  None of these

39. Which of the following states started 'April Mandis' project in all districtsiqf the state to ensure the supply of vegetables and fruits at fair prices?
Gujarat  Uttar Pradesh  Haryana  Delhi  None of these

40. Which of the following terms is not used in Economics?
Balance of Trade  Centrifugal force  Break even  Fiscal Deficit  Capital Account  

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Corporation Bank PO 2010 - General Awareness - Part 5

41. The Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2009 was given to the President of
Fiji  Bhutan  Nepal  Bangladesh  None of these

42. The Govt. of India recently launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. This mission is one of the key missions on India's National Action Plan on?
Second Green Revolution  Climate Change  Recharging of Water bodies  Electricity to all  None of these

43. Voting in local bodies elections is compulsory in which one of the following states ?
Delhi  Maharashtra  Kerala  Gujarat  None of these

44. India's exports of which of the following to USA has been growing at a fast pace despite the global slowdown and recession?
Handicrafts and Carpets  Textiles and Clothing  Horticultural products  Food grains  Services

45. Russia recently agreed to resume import of natural gas from which of the following countries after a gap of about a month following a dispute over prices of the same?
Iran  Turkmenistan  China  Kazakhstan  N. Korea

46. India recently signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of nuclear power for civil purposes. This agreement is free from any restrictions on India. India signed this agreement
France  Germany  USA  Canada  Russia
47. 'Between the Assassinations' is a book written by?
Chetan Bhagat  Kiran Desai  ShobhaDe  Vikram Seth  Arvind Adiga

48. Which of the following prizes! awards is not given for Excellence in the field of Literature?
Dronacharya Award  Aga Khan Prize for Fiction  Commonwealth Award  Nobel Prize  Man Booker Prize

49. Which of the following terms is not used in the game of Hockey?
Centre  Downswing  Drop pass  Goal line  Blue line

50. 'Invisible' is a novel written by-
Vikram Seth  Chetan Bhagat  Anita Desai  Meghnad Desai  Paul Auster

Part I        Part II        Part III        Part IV       Part V

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SBI Clerk Exam - Computer awareness - Part 1

1. Compiler is the
name given to the computer operator  part of the digital machine to store the information  translator of source program to object  part of arithmetic logic unit  operator of Boolean Algebra

2. Main memory is
Random Access Memory   Read only Memory  Serial Access Memory   None of these 

3. Which of the following is the smallest and fastest computer imitating brain working?
Supercomputer   Quantum Computer  Param-10,000   IBM chips  None  

4. A compact disc (CD) is a data storage of the type
Magnetic   Optical   Electrical   Electromechanical  None 

5. Which of the following is not as language for computer programming?

6. What are the two basic types of memory that your computer uses?

7. The term gigabyte refers to
1024 bytes   1024 kilobytes   1024 megabytes  1024 gigabytes   None of the above

8. A computer with CPU speed around 100 million instructions per second & with the word length of around 64 bits is known as
Super computer   Mini computer   Micro computer  Micro computer   None of the above

9. What digits are representative of all binary numbers?
Both (a ) and (b)   None of the above

10. To locate a data items for storage is
Field   Feed   Database  Fetch   None of the above

Part I        Part II        Part III        Part IV       Part V

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