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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dena Bank Clerk Exam 2009 - English Paper - Part 1

Directions-(Q. 1-15) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
Bhaskar was a wealthy, wordly wise merchant. On his deathbed, he called his only son, Nakul, and gave him some advice. ?When you do business and travel to an unknown land, make sure you know the local culture well. Try to gain as much information as you can. This and presence of mind will come to your rescue.? Bhaskar died a few days later and Nakul began looking after the business. Once, he travelled by ship to a distant country where he stayed at an inn. He began talking to the owner and ended up telling him all about his life and the business had come to conduct. The following day, Nakul was heading to the bustling market when a one armed man rushed up to him and said, ?Your father took one of my arms as a loan. You must return it to me.? Not knowing what to do, Nakul asked the man to meet him the next day. A little later, a woman came upto Nakul and said, ?Your father married me and would send me money every month. This responsibility is now yours.? Again Nakul asked for a day‘s respite and walked on. On the way he stopped at a tavern and ate breakfast. While paying for his meal the owner said, ?The only payment I want is for you to make me happy.? Though he had to pay only two coins, Nakul gave the man five, but the man still maintained that he was unhappy. That evening Nakul met a man who invited him to a game of dice. Unaware they were playing with a trick dice, he lost every game. The winner set him an unusual condition, ?Drink all the water in the sea or give me all the goods on your ship.? Nakul said he would give him his decision the next day. That night as Nakul lay on his bed, he remembered his father‘s words, ?In a foreign land only your wits will come to your aid.?
The next morning, as soon as he reached the marketplace, the one armed man appeared. Nakul smiled when he saw him and said, ?My father took many such loans and our house is full of hands. I shall take your other arm, find the matching one and repay you.? The man ran away petrified. He then approached the woman who claimed to have been married to his father. ?My father was wrong not to tell us about you. Come home with me and help my mother in the fields.? The woman left without a word. Next, Nakul went to the tavern and standing outside shouted, ?Hail the King ! Your king is great !? ?I am happy to hear you say that?, was the only response the tavern owner could give.? If you are happy,? continued Nakul, ?I have paid for my meal.? Nakul then sought out the man who had won at dice the previous night. ?I shall gladly drink all the water in the sea provided you bring me the water in jugs.? The man made a quick getaway when he heard this. Nakul returned home after conducting much business. He was far richer in wisdom too.

1. Which of the following is TRUE in the context of the passage ? (1) Nakul preferred sailing to working in the fields with his mother. (2) Bhaskar‘s second wife was a greedy woman. (3) Bhaskar did not have faith in Nakul‘s ability to successfully run the business.
None   Only (1)   Both (1) & (3)   Both (2) & (3)   Only (2)

2. Why did Nakul visit a far-away country ?
It was his father‘s final request   To acquire knowledge about a different culture   To mee some of his father‘s acquaintances   To trade and do business   None of these

3. How did Nakul manage to deal with the people who tried to swindle him ? (1) His father provided him with the solution in a dream. (2) He threatened them with dire punishment. (3) He gave into their demands and paid them off.
None   Only (2)   Only (3)   Both (1) & (2)   None of these

4. Why wasn‘t Nakul able to win any of the games while gambling ?
He was not a skilful player   He was distracted while playing   The other players were cheating with a trick dice   He was not well versed with local rules   None of these

5. Which of the following best describes the one armed man‘s reaction when he met Nakul for the second time ?
He was upset because Nakul refused to honour the debt his father owed him   He was angry at Nakul for laughing at his plight   He was frightened since Nakul had threatened to cut-off his remaining arm   He was worried about what action Nakul would take against him for trying to cheat him   He admired Nakul for outwitting him.

6. Why did Nakul confide in the innkeeper ?
innkeeper was an old friend of his father   He was drunk and unaware he was confiding in a stranger   He was still upset by his father‘s death and wanted to talk to someone
  By confiding in the innkeeper he hoped to get information about the local customs   None of these

7. Why did Nakul pay the tavern owner five coins instead of two ?
being familiar with the foreign currency he made a mistake   did not have the exact change   He left a tip to show his appreciation for a good meal   He thought the extra money would make the innkeeper happy   He wanted to create a favourable impression

8. Which of the following can be said about Nakul‘s father ?
He was adventurous and had travelled all over the world   was rich and experienced in the ways of the world   He was prosperous because he had duped a lot of people   He favoured Nakul among all his children   He was poor and knew about various cultures

9. Why did Nakul have a good opinion of the King of the faraway country ? (1) He encouraged trade and his subjects were prosperous. (2) He ensured that visitors were treated with hospitality. (3) There were many facilities for entertainment there.
Only   Only (2)   Both (1) & (3)   Only (3)   None of these

10. What was Nakul‘s overall experience in the far-away country ?
It was an unpleasant one and he decided it would be his last trip   It was a profitable one and he learnt a lot   It was stressful and he was glad to return home   It was sad since people kept recounting memories of his father   None of these

Directions-(Q. 11-13) Choose the word which is MOST SIMILAR in EANING to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

11. conduct
behaviour   handle   action   habits   guide

12. respite
stop   part   delay   rest   relax

13. unknown
undecided   anonymous   renowned   unidentified   unfamiliar

Directions-(Q. 14-15) Choose the word which is MOST OPPOSITE in MEANING to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

14. appeared
evaporated   died   invisible   vanished   faded

15. matching
duplicate   dissimilar   original   identical   single

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